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  • fopConf New Jersey State FOP 34th Biennial Convention December 6, 2015 - New Jersey State FOP 34th Biennial Convention At The HYATT REGENCY CHESAPEAKE BAY RESORT Cambridge, Maryland will be taking place August 22, 2016 To August 26, 2016.
  • Bally's 2016 Mini Convention scheduled for March 21-24, 2016 November 14, 2015 - The 2016 Mini Convention is scheduled for March 21-24, 2016 and will take place at Bally’s Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City NJ. Our FOP Board of Directors will meet on Monday March 21st beginning at 12 noon in the Traymore Ball room on the 6th floor. Convention activities will
  • PFANJ Pres. Dominick Marino (left) NJFOP Pres. Bob Fox (center), National Vice Pres. Ed Brannigan (right) Governor Christie vetoes residency requirement bill for police and firefighters! November 9, 2015 - On Monday, November 9, Governor Chris Christie vetoed S-2783/A-4265, legislation that would have required municipalities, county governments, and regional divisions to establish residency requirements for police and firefighters. Both the New Jersey Fraternal Order of Police and the Professional Firefighters Association of New Jersey vehemently opposed these bills. NJFOP President

A Note From Your State President, Robert W. Fox

Remembering Our Finest, Preparing for November

As we reflect upon the National Police Week that has just ended, let’s never forget the 128 members of the law enforcement community who made the supreme sacrifice for the citizens of this great country. These officers in blue whom we honored this year are the true heroes of our communities. Also, let’s not forget their families, who return home from Washington, D.C., without their loved ones, only their memories.
I am happy to report that oral arguments regarding the reinstatement of the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) finally took place in the New Jersey Supreme Court on Monday, March 14. The 90-minute hearing focused on just one issue. The state argued that the COLA is an added benefit to your pension benefits, so it can be eliminated or reduced by the Legislature. The unions argued that the COLA is part of your pension benefit and can’t be eliminated or reduced by the Legislature. Once this issue is decided by the state Supreme Court, there will be several other court hearings to try to resolve the COLA reinstatement issue. We are expecting the decision from the New Jersey Supreme Court in late May or June.
Another important issue we are working on with all the public unions is putting a constitutional amendment to fund our pensions on the November 2016 ballot. We plan to have it introduced to the Assembly and Senate in late May or the beginning of June. Once the newly elected Legislature approves it, it will go on the November 2016 ballot. This amendment, if passed by the people, would require the state to fully fund our pensions, similar to the funding plan that was agreed upon in the Chapter 78 law. This constitutional amendment would also mandate the state to make quarterly payments. The major impact of this constitutional amendment would be that the Governor could not change the funding plan, as he does now.
We need to get all of our FOP members, family members and friends registered to vote and supportive of this amendment. I suggest that each FOP lodge form a voters’ notification committee to call all of their members on the day before the election to remind them to get out to vote for this amendment. This is our best chance to end the pension problems forever.
I would like to thank the Educational and Training Committee for a well-run Mini-Convention, held in March in Atlantic City. I have received many positive comments on the new training that was added this year.
After all of the hard work by the Legislative Committee in fighting the five-year residency bill, it has been reintroduced into this session. I will say the support it had last year has dwindled, and I do not believe it will pass both houses as it did last year.
It’s a tough time for the law enforcement community today on the streets. Be safe and remember that every situation has the potential of being recorded and scrutinized.


  • Boycott Beyonce’ Concerts February 23, 2016 - Brothers and Sisters, I am appalled and outraged at Beyonce’s outright disregard for the millions of viewers during Super Bowl 50 halftime show performance. While Beyonce’ is considered by many as a very talented artist, it was poor judgment on her part to use Super Bowl 50 as the venue
  • Congressman MacArthur announced legislation to preserve 9/11 Memorial February 10, 2016 - Congressman Tom MacArthur today announced that his legislation to protect and preserve the 9/11 Memorial at the World Trade Center in New York has passed the U.S. House of Representatives with overwhelming bipartisan support. The National 9/11 Memorial at the World Trade Center Act will designate the 9/11 outdoor Memorial
  • President Fox Governor Christie Owes Us an Apology! December 12, 2015 - Governor Christie…STOP calling law enforcement PIGS! That’s our message to New Jersey’s Governor who has his eyes set on the Nation’s highest office…the Office of the President. The New Jersey Fraternal Order of Police observed…as all other New Jerseyans did…our Governor referring to our law enforcement brothers and sisters as
  • Shame, shame, shame on you, Quentin Tarantino! October 31, 2015 - The New Jersey Fraternal Order of Police has denounced and wholly condemned recent anti-police statements made by film director Quentin Tarantino. NJFOP President Robert W. Fox is calling on his members to boycott Tarantino’s films, including his Christmas-bound Western The Hateful Eight. “Our brothers and sisters put their lives on
  • ChuckCanterbury-fop Statement of FOP Chuck Canterbury on Recent Violence Targeting Law Enforcement September 4, 2015 - News Item: STATEMENT OF FOP PRESIDENT CHUCK CANTERBURY ON RECENT VIOLENCE TARGETING LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS 09/02/2015 This has been a brutal and tragic few weeks for our nation’s law enforcement officers. In just two weeks, five law enforcement officers were murdered and a sixth death of an off-duty officer is

Legislative Corner

  • Legislative Update for Summer 2016/NJ Congressional Endorsements July 25, 2016 - LEGISLATIVE UPDATE FOR SUMMER 2016 and NEW JERSEY CONGRESSIONAL ENDORSEMENTS On June 30th the New Jersey State Legislature adjourned for the Summer and will not reconvene until after Labor Day (except for special sessions that may be called by the Senate President or Assembly Speaker). This Update focuses on what
  • March 2016 NJ STATE FOP Legislative Update April 1, 2016 - MARCH 2016 NJ STATE FOP LEGISLATIVE UPDATE On January 12, 2016 the 2014-2015 New Jersey Legislative Session ended and the new 2016-2017 Legislative Session commenced. During the 2014-2015 Legislative Session the FOP succeeded in having several new laws it initiated and supported signed into law. They are: *** P.L. 2015,
  • NJFOP endorses Assembly candidates (Revised article) September 24, 2015 - (Hamilton, NJ) Brothers and Sisters, this year the full New Jersey Assembly is up for election. That’s 80 seats of the 120 who serve in the New Jersey Legislature. The Senate is not up for election until 2017. NJFOP Board of Trustees held its September 23rd meeting at Hibernian Club
  • FOP Legislative Update for July, 2015 July 9, 2015 - FOP LEGISLATIVE UPDATE FOR JULY 2015
  • New Jersey Pension Update July 9, 2015 - NEW JERSEY PENSION UPDATE (Prepared by Peter Guzzo, NJ State FOP Lobbyist) On June 9th., the New Jersey State Supreme Court ruled in a 5-2 decision that although the Governor signed a law in 2011 (known as Chapter 78) to make the public employee’s pension system whole in seven years,

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NJFOP President Robert W Fox and NJFOP Sergeant at Arms Ken Hawkins attending the Memorial Service of Cpl Montrell Jackson in Baton Rouge.

Congrats, Pres. Robert W. Fox and Team Fox members for a successful fundraiser tonight at the Chop House! Tons of fun!!! Glad to see Assemblywoman Pam Lampitt!