NJ FOP Announcements

  • Bally's 2016 Mini Convention scheduled for March 21-24, 2016 November 14, 2015 - The 2016 Mini Convention is scheduled for March 21-24, 2016 and will take place at Bally’s Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City NJ. Our FOP Board of Directors will meet on Monday March 21st beginning at 12 noon in the Traymore Ball room on the 6th floor. Convention activities will
  • Governor Christie vetoes residency requirement bill for police and firefighters! November 9, 2015 - On Monday, November 9, Governor Chris Christie vetoed S-2783/A-4265, legislation that would have required municipalities, county governments, and regional divisions to establish residency requirements for police and firefighters. Both the New Jersey Fraternal Order of Police and the Professional Firefighters Association of New Jersey vehemently opposed these bills. NJFOP President
  • NJFOP President and Executive President attend NY’s Cigar Night/Pig Roast September 24, 2015 - NJFOP President Bob Fox and NJFOP Executive Vice President Bob Gries attended the September 12 NY State FOP Cigar Night/Pig Roast. All proceeds from this event go to the NY State Survivors Aid Program. Here Fox and Gries join NY State President Mike Essig in front of the NY State

A Note From Your State President, Robert W. Fox

Brothers and Sisters,

As we have just honored our brothers and sisters in law enforcement during National Police Week, remembering those who made the supreme sacrifice for the citizens of this great country, we have many hurdles to overcome.
We continue to be viewed by the citizens as the enemy, instead of the answer to many of the problems that exist in this country. Where would this country be without anyone enforcing the laws?

It is unfortunate that while we do our jobs, there have been citizens and police officers who have lost their lives. A loss of life is always a true tragedy. The fact is that in most jobs besides police and fire, if you make a mistake it can be corrected without major consequences. However, if a police officer or firefighter makes a mistake in a split second, it can result in someone’s death. We all took the oath to serve and protect when we took this job, and I think we do it well. I ask all my brothers and sisters in blue to be careful in doing your jobs, remembering that this country depends on you.

As for our pensions, we are continuing the fight along with the three other public safety unions regarding the issues. The latest actuarial report released by the state shows that our PFRS pension fund is 76.9% funded. We still have two lawsuits pending, which are to have the COLA reinstated and to have the state of New Jersey add its full share into the pension, not the reduced rate that the governor has recommended for the budget. The governor is now saying that the legislation he signed and agreed to in 2011, known as Chapter 78, is unconstitutional. Even his law department had no problem with it when he signed it.

Our members have continued to live by Chapter 78, in which they are working more years before retiring, paying for a portion of their health care while working and increasing their pension contributions from 8.5% to 10%. Our retired members have had their COLA suspended since 2011, and to add insult to injury, the additional 1.5% of the pension contribution paid by our members is now reducing the contributions by cities and towns into the pension system. This year the state is paying Wall Street over $450 million more to make investments than it did when Christie was first elected governor.

These are just a few reasons that we, the four public safety unions, are looking into carving us out of the state pension systems and administering it on our own. This is not something that can happen overnight, but we are working diligently to determine what is best for our members and to protect our pension system.

Finally, we have been working on a new website for you, our members. We thought it would be up and running by the beginning of February, but we have found several problems and are working on correcting them now. Hopefully, everything will be finished and available by the Board of Directors meeting in June. Thanks for your patience.


Robert W. Fox


  • Shame, shame, shame on you, Quentin Tarantino! October 31, 2015 - The New Jersey Fraternal Order of Police has denounced and wholly condemned recent anti-police statements made by film director Quentin Tarantino. NJFOP President Robert W. Fox is calling on his members to boycott Tarantino’s films, including his Christmas-bound Western The Hateful Eight. “Our brothers and sisters put their lives on
  • ChuckCanterbury-fop Statement of FOP Chuck Canterbury on Recent Violence Targeting Law Enforcement September 4, 2015 - News Item: STATEMENT OF FOP PRESIDENT CHUCK CANTERBURY ON RECENT VIOLENCE TARGETING LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS 09/02/2015 This has been a brutal and tragic few weeks for our nation’s law enforcement officers. In just two weeks, five law enforcement officers were murdered and a sixth death of an off-duty officer is
  • Police and Firefighters hold press conference to oppose residency requirement! July 2, 2015 - TRENTON – Today the New Jersey Fraternal Order of Police and the Professional Firefighters Association of New Jersey IAFF, AFL-CIO-CLC held a press conference at 11 am at the NJFOP Trenton Headquarters to urge Governor Chris Christie to veto legislation permitting municipalities, county governments, and regional divisions to establish residency
  • Governor Christie must live up to his word! June 9, 2015 - Today NJFOP President Bob Fox stood with Senate President Steve Sweeney and scores of other union members to speak out against the Supreme Court’s 5-2 decision on the pension lawsuit brought against Governor Chris Christie. President Fox has issued a statement expressing his deep disappointment and disenchantment about that decision
  • RUPD NJFOP-Initiated Bill for Higher Ed. Police Becomes Law! May 14, 2015 - (TRENTON) – Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Gordon Johnson and Charles Mainor requiring college and university police departments to adopt the Attorney General Guidelines on internal affairs policies and procedures was signed into law on Thursday. “Having uniformity across the board can help avoid potential confusion and mistakes,” said Johnson

Legislative Corner

  • NJFOP endorses Assembly candidates (Revised article) September 24, 2015 - (Hamilton, NJ) Brothers and Sisters, this year the full New Jersey Assembly is up for election. That’s 80 seats of the 120 who serve in the New Jersey Legislature. The Senate is not up for election until 2017. NJFOP Board of Trustees held its September 23rd meeting at Hibernian Club
  • FOP Legislative Update for July, 2015 July 9, 2015 - FOP LEGISLATIVE UPDATE FOR JULY 2015
  • New Jersey Pension Update July 9, 2015 - NEW JERSEY PENSION UPDATE (Prepared by Peter Guzzo, NJ State FOP Lobbyist) On June 9th., the New Jersey State Supreme Court ruled in a 5-2 decision that although the Governor signed a law in 2011 (known as Chapter 78) to make the public employee’s pension system whole in seven years,
  • FOP LEGISLATIVE UPDATE FOR JUNE 2015 June 12, 2015 - FOP LEGISLATIVE UPDATE FOR JUNE 2015 (Prepared by Peter Guzzo , NJ State FOP Lobbyist) The following are key pieces of legislation either pending in the New Jersey Legislature or recently enacted into law:: 1. A-3493/S-2564 (Prime Sponsors: Assemblyman Gordon Johnson-Dem/Senator Linda Greenstein-Dem): This bill requires police departments of institutions
  • NJFOP_Legislative_QL 2014 – 2015 NJFOP LEGISLATIVE PRIORITIES May 18, 2015 - During each yearly NJ State legislative session, the NJ FOP develops a document that lists all current bills currently on the floor of the state legislature that directly affects NJ Law Enforcement Officers. The legislative priorities explains each bill in terms that speak directly to the breadth of each bill