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NJFOP wins collective bargaining representation for Camden County Police

(TRENTON)  In a decisive victory, officers and detectives of the newly-formed Camden County Police Department voted today to be represented by the New Jersey Fraternal Order of Police by a majority vote.  This department is the result of an action that dismantled the Camden City Police Department earlier this year who were previously represented by the 17,000-member FOP.images


In a surprise move in August, the Police Benevolent Association (PBA) filed a petition before The Public Employees Relations Commission (PERC) to be the collective bargaining agent for the new almost 300-member officers and detectives.  PBA’s back-door action gave FOP less than three days to collect the 30% signatures necessary to be on the ballot and compete to represent officers and detectives in that department.  FOP representatives managed to obtain more the double the amount of signatures to be placed on that ballot.


“This is a huge victory for our State organization and will be extremely beneficial to our law enforcement brothers and sisters in Camden County in general and the City of Camden, specifically, “ says FOP President Ed Brannigan.


He continued, “The horrific loss of the Camden City Police Department after months of negotiations with the City and Camden County Freeholders was a major defeat to our members.  I am elated that our former members and now new members realize the benefit of having the FOP represent them at the bargaining table and on other labor issues affecting on a daily basis.”


Last month, NJFOP was voted in overwhelmingly to represent superior officers in that department without an election.


PERC requires a five-day waiting period where election results can be challenge.  The FOP is confident this election will be upheld.

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