Senator Barbara Buono

(Atlantic City) The New Jersey State Fraternal Order of Police in an unprecedented move endorsed Senator Barbara Buono for Governor today at its Mini Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  The NJFOP President Ed Brannigan emphasized that traditionally the NJFOP follows a formal endorsement process consisting of screening candidates through written questionnaires, face-to-face interviews, and a recommendation by the Executive Board.

NJFOP President Ed Brannigan cited the Senator Buono’s strong record on labor issues and her consistency of championing public employees’ rights.

Brannigan added that, “In 2008, then-candidate Chris Christie sat across the table from me and promised he would not touch our pensions.  And, then right out the gate, it was one of the first things he did.  He lied. He reduced our pensions and benefits, including eliminated our cost of living wages.”

“This time around,” Brannigan says, “my members were crystal clear.  They feel that Governor Christie has continued a demoralizing attack on public employees over the last three-and-a half years.”

Brannigan noted that Senator Buono is right on the organization’s issues and respects the job performed by tens of thousands of men and women who put their lives on the line everyday to keep citizens in this state safe.  Risk is an inherent part of police work and the New Jersey State Lodge is committed to protecting those who protect others.

“For these reasons,” Brannigan concluded, “our State Lodge is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with a candidate who stands with us.”

NJFOP represents more than 16,000 law enforcement officers throughout the State and nationally represents over 340,000 police officers, the largest police organization in the country. NJFOP is proud to be the first police organization to endorse Senator Buono in this gubernatorial campaign.




Senator Barbara Buono