New Jersey Fraternal Order of Police

Governor Christie must live up to his word!

Today NJFOP President Bob Fox stood with Senate President Steve Sweeney and scores of other union members to speak out against the Supreme Court’s 5-2 decision on the pension lawsuit brought against Governor Chris Christie. President Fox has issued a statement expressing his deep disappointment and disenchantment about that decision and has called on the Governor to uphold his end of the bargain to make our pension system solvent.

“Today’s decision by the State’s Highest Court does not take care of the problem,” said Fox. “And, they need to know that this problem is not going to go away.”

Fox went on to say, “ This is not about our members not paying their fair share. It’s not about towns or cities paying their fair share. This boils down to one individual…the Governor…not living up to his word.”

“Both the Assembly and Senate are giving the Governor a balanced budget with pension payments in it,” said Fox. “We urge the Governor to accept that budget, sign it, and live up to his responsibility and stop perpetuating risk to our members’ pension system.”

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