The Professional Firefighters Association of New Jersey (PFANJ), in partnership with the Fraternal Order of Police – New Jersey State Lodge (NJ State FOP) and the bill sponsor Assemblyman Freiman (D‐ 16) are pleased to announce the introduction of, A‐4713 which would provide a minimal cost of living adjustment to our most needing pensioners. Per the legislative Statement “The increase would be provided only when the amount of a retirement allowance, pension, or benefit originally granted was at or below 450 percent of the federal poverty level for a household of one. In addition, the adjustment would be provided to retired members who are receiving a retirement allowance or pension, other than for accidental or ordinary disability, only if the retired member has attained the age of 62 years as of January 1 of the calendar year following the enactment of this bill. The adjustment would be provided to all other retired members, surviving spouses, children, or beneficiaries regardless of their age.” This bill utilizes actual pension allowances and encapsulates the true costs and benefits to ensure only those most needing of increases are assisted.

“This COLA legislation is long overdue as having a full understanding that many retirees’ pensions are below the poverty line., It is imperative that we enact this legislation to ensure these brave individuals, who served with distinction and honor are treated fairly and not forgotten.”

Steve McConlogue ‐‐ President PFANJ

“This COLA bill would ensure our brave men and women in Law Enforcement and Emergency Services receive a minimal cost of living increase. Many of these brave members have served this state and their local communities with honor and integrity and are now forced with difficult financial decisions, because their pensions have not kept up with the cost of living.”

Robert W. Fox – President NJ State FOP

“The NJRPFA and the PFRS COLA Forum are very grateful to be part of this effort to return a much‐ needed cost of living increase to deserving police and fire retirees. There hasn’t been a COLA in over a decade and many retirees are finding it difficult, if not impossible to make ends meet. We hope to change that with this important legislation.”

Joseph Valdora ‐‐ President NJRPFA & Ken Buck – PFRS COLA Forum Administrator