Governor Christie…STOP calling law enforcement PIGS! That’s our message to New Jersey’s Governor who has his eyes set on the Nation’s highest office…the Office of the President.

The New Jersey Fraternal Order of Police observed…as all other New Jerseyans did…our Governor referring to our law enforcement brothers and sisters as PIGS!

Even the media by way of the StarLedger recognized that referring to law enforcement officials as a “pig” is disrespectful and downright despicable. The Editorial Board of the StarLedger wrote: “It’s offensive on its face to call a police officer a pig of any kind, and it’s worth noting this comes from a guy who promised police that he will always ‘have their back’ when it comes to their treatment of citizens on the street.”

REALLY, Governor…really?

We waited to react to the Governor’s offensive remark expecting that Governor Christie would rethink his bullying, thuggish behavior and reach out to police union leaders and apologize. Obviously, that didn’t happen. In fact, the Governor escalated his outrageous behavior this week and looped in all union folks…not just labor leaders…but all of their members.

At a New Jersey Business and Industry Association policy forum, Governor Christie said that if Democrats occupy the Governor’s Office when he leaves, unions in the form of “pigs will be charging down State Street” in Trenton.

As the President of the New Jersey Fraternal Order of Police, I’m calling on Governor Christie to apologize to the law enforcement communities and the labor community in this State who work hard everyday to keep government moving, teaching our children in schools, protecting our citizens on the street, rescuing them from fires, and the list goes on. Governor Christie also owes the citizens of this State an apology as he demeans the Office of Governor in this Garden State.

Name-calling may be a way of life for our Governor, but it is not acceptable behavior for the person who is the head of State in New Jersey. I also have to wonder how police officers in New Hampshire feel about the Governor calling their brothers and sisters in New Jersey “Pigs”. Maybe someone should ask them the next time Governor Christie does a town hall meeting there. Or maybe the Governor should be asked that question at the next Republican Presidential Debate.

It’s hard to believe that a guy who goes on national television in a press conference stating he “has our backs” would come back a couple of weeks later and call police officers “pigs!” When we interviewed Governor Christie for his first term, he told us he would NOT touch our pensions and backed it up with a letter. The only backs this Governor appears to have with law enforcement is to stab us in the back. Really Governor! Just say you’re sorry and move on!

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