Services and benefits that keep law enforcement professionals and their families moving forward, from academy to retirement.

Education & Training Benefits

Educational services to aid you with all skills necessary to enhance your career skills and living standards.

• Seminars and Webinars
• Tuition Discount
• Scholarships

Labor Service Benefits

Services range from collective bargaining to union contract enforcement through the FOPNJLC.

• Contract Negotiations
• Contract Administration
• Collective Bargaining Rights
• Local and State Political Action

Legal Defense Benefits

• Choice of expert attorneys in the field of legal defense with the legal fees paid on your behalf

FOPNJ gives you services, advantages and real benefits that no other law enforcement labor union can match.

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Making the lives of our members better by:

– Improving your working conditions –
– Improving your benefits –
– Improving your safety –
– Improving the security and happiness of your family –