On Tuesday, September 24, 2019, the New Jersey State Fraternal Order of Police Board of Directors met and voted to endorse legislative candidates listed below for the November 5th Election. The entire NJ State Assembly has all 80 seats up for grabs. Currently, there are 54 Dems and 26 Reps in the Assembly. At the time of the legislative committee meeting, on September 11th, the FOP Legislative Committee had made Assembly recommendations and only one special State Senate election to be considered. However, since that meeting, Senator Anthony Bucco of the 25th Legislative District died unexpectedly of a heart attack. No decision for replacement in that Senate seat has been recommended at this time. 

President Robert W. Fox said, “We are pleased with the good work our Legislative Committee members have done. They have recommended exceptional candidates who support law enforcement and have the interest of our brothers and sisters at heart. “

Listed are the endorsements for the Assembly races and the one State Senate special election. In total 53 Democrats and 11 Republicans have been endorsed.

One special election will be held in the 1st Legislative District (All of Cape May and Parts of Atlantic and Cumberland Counties) to complete the unexpired term of Jeff Van Drew who resigned on January 2, 2019 following his election to Congress. On January 15th Assemblyman Bob Andrezejczak was sworn in to replace Van Drew. The Republican challenger is Michael Testa. The Committee recommends endorsing Andrezejczak.

*** Incumbent candidates are highlighted in bold.


District 1                                               R. Bruce Land (D)

                                                            Matthew Milam (D)

District 2                                               Vincent Mazzeo (D)

                                                            John Armato  (D)

District 3                                               John Burzichelli (D)

                                                            Adam Taliaferro (D)

District 4                                               Paul Moriarty (D)

                                                            Gabriela Mosquera (D)

District 5                                               William Spearman (D)

                                                            William Moen Jr. (D)

District 6                                               Louis Greenwald (D)

                                                            Pamela Lampitt (D)

District 7                                               Herbert Conaway Jr. (D)

                                                            Carol Murphy (D)

District 8                                               Gina LaPlaca (D)

                                                            Mark Natale (D)

District 9                                               No endorsement

District 10                                             No endorsement

District 11                                             Eric Houghtaling (D)

                                                            Joann Downey (D)

District 12                                             Ronald Dancer (R)

                                                            Robert Clifton (R)

District 13                                             Serena DiMaso (R)

                                                            Gerard Scharfenberger (R)

District 14                                             Wayne DeAngelo (D)

                                                            Dan Benson (D)

District 15                                             Verlina Reynolds-Jackson (D)

                                                            Anthony Verrelli (D)

District 16                                             Andrew Zwicker (D)

                                                            Roy Freiman (D)

District 17                                             Joseph Egan (D)

District 18                                             Nancy Pinkin (D)

                                                            Robert Karabinchak (D)

District 19                                             Craig Coughlin (D)

                                                            Yvonne Lopez (D)

District 20                                             Annette Quijano (D)

                                                            Jamel Holley (D)

District 21                                             Jon Bramnick (R)

                                                            Nancy Munoz (R)

District 22                                             Linda Carter (D)

                                                            James Kennedy (D)

District 23                                             No endorsement

District 24                                             Harold Wirths (R)

District 25                                             Darcy Dreger (D)

                                                            Anthony Bucco, Jr. (R)

District 26                                             No endorsement

District 27                                             Mila Jasey (D)

District 28                                             Ralph Caputo (D)

District 29                                             Eliana Pintor Marin (D)

                                                            Shanique Speight (D)

District 30                                             Sean Kean (R)

District 31                                             Nicholas Chiaravalloti (D)

                                                            Angela McKnight (D)

District 32                                             Angelica Jimenez (D)

                                                            Pedro Mejia (D)

District 33                                             Annette Chiaparro (D)

                                                            Raj Mukherji (D)

District 34                                             Thomas Giblin (D)

District 35                                             Benjie Wimberly (D)

                                                            Shavonda Sumter (D)

District 36                                             Clinton Calabrese (D)

                                                            Gary Schaer (D)

District 37                                             Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D)

                                                            Gordon Johnson (D)

District 38 Lisa Swain

P. Christopher Tully

District 39 Holly Schepisi

District 40                                             No endorsements