There isn’t a more noble profession than to keep the peace and enforce law and order in America. Even though Americans often take it for granted, by supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States, residents reap the benefits of a safe working and living environment every day.

As much as you dedicate your life’s work to protecting and serving our communities, the Fraternal Order of Police is dedicated to protecting and serving you. As America’s largest law enforcement labor force, the FOP of New Jersey provides an impressive collection of services, educational opportunities, and advantages unique among labor union organizations in America.

Welcome to the Fraternal Order of Police New Jersey State Lodge (NJFOP). Not only do we have our members’ backs every day, we offer services and benefits that keep law enforcement professionals and their families moving forward, now and into retirement.


Education & Training Benefits

We offer the education and training you need to make the right decisions in protecting your job and to structure your future success in life outside your job.

education benefits of NJFOP represented by a graduation cap
  • Educational services to aid you with all skills necessary to enhance your career skills and living standards
  • Comprehensive understanding of the laws that protect you from unfair treatment and safeguard your rights
  • An extensive schedule of seminars and webinars aimed at keeping our members up to date on the latest advances in labor relations, bargaining, representation, and professional development
  • Exclusive opportunities to complete your college education with special benefits that include tuition discounts and scholarships

Labor Service Benefits

NJFOP Labor Council services range from collective bargaining to union contract enforcement. Just some of those services include:

NJFOP contract signed after collective bargaining
  • Obtaining Collective Bargaining Rights
  • Establishing Local and State Political Action
  • Organizing
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Contract Administration
  • Legal Defense
  • Research
  • Training

Visit the NJFOP Labor Council Website to Learn More

Legal Defense Benefits

The NJFOP Legal Defense Program provides participating members with professional legal services. This includes unlimited legal fees, court costs, and transcript fees for:

New Jersey State Capitol Building Golden Dome in Trenton
  • All criminal, civil, and administrative proceedings arising within the scope of their law enforcement employment duties – whether on or off duty
  • Choice of your own attorney with legal fees paid on your behalf, a unique offering

Other Legal Defense Program benefits include:

  • Coverage for administrative discipline, sanctions, or proceedings
  • Personal Services: The Non-Duty Legal Plan offers $15,000 of additional legal coverage per calendar year in the following areas:
    • Wills, Trusts, and Estate Law
    • Off Duty Criminal Defense
    • Employment Law
    • Limited benefit for Family Law matters

Here’s the bottom-line:

NJFOP gives you services, advantages and real benefits that no other law enforcement labor union can match.

Happy NJFOP family portrait portrait on white background

We’re all about making the lives of our members better by:

  • Improving your working conditions
  • Improving your benefits
  • Improving your safety
  • Improving the security and happiness of your family

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