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Governor Murphy extends carry permits for retired law enforcement officers

Governor Murphy extends carry permits for retired law enforcement officers

     TRENTON – Governor Murphy today signed Executive Order No. 129, which extends Retired Officer Carry Permits by a period of 90 days until after the ongoing Public Health Emergency ends. The order also creates a process for individuals seeking to obtain or renew a Carry Permit to demonstrate the ability to safely handle and use a handgun as required by existing law.

     “Retired law enforcement officers should not need to worry about the expiration of their carry permits,” said Governor Murphy. “At the same time, we must ensure that those applying for or renewing a carry permit have the ability to complete all legal requirements needed to obtain one. This executive order ensures that our strong, commonsense gun safety measures are in place while respecting existing law governing access to firearms.”

     Executive Order No. 129 extends Retired Officer Carry Permits that expire during the term of Public Health Emergency declared in Executive Order No. 103, including those that expired after the issuance of Executive Order No. 103, until 90 days after the Public Health Emergency ends. The order further creates a process for applicants seeking to obtain or renew a Carry Permit to complete training, practice, or testing required by law, including by granting access to shooting ranges. Shooting ranges that are closed to the public under Executive Order No. 107 may only offer access to the above individuals, and must comply with social distancing practices where practicable.

     The order will take effect immediately.

Brothers and Sisters, 

In light of the fact that COVID-19 has placed first responders in the untenable position of fighting an invisible enemy which has severely adversely affected our health, NJFOP has successfully sought to have legislation introduced to address this issue.  Our deepest thanks go out to Assemblywoman Carol A. Murphy for introducing A-3945 that extends eligibility for accidental disability and accidental death benefits to certain PFRS and PERS members who contract infectious diseases during public health emergency or state of emergency. The FOP is pushing to have this enacted as soon as possible.


Robert W. Fox, President

National FOP Pres. pushes for COVID-19 related illnesses be categorized as “in the line of duty”…

National FOP Pres. pushes for COVID-19 related illnesses be categorized as “in the line of duty”…

Brothers and Sisters,

National FOP President Patrick Yoes has written to all of our Nation’s Governors urging them to amend State and local workman’s compensation laws through executive or legislative action and establish a presumption that law enforcement officers who contract the novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) did so in the line of duty.  (See attached letter).


                                     Message From the President

Brothers and Sisters, I hope this message finds you and your family healthy and okay in this unprecedented time during the Pandemic emergency of the Coronavirus. As a first responder, you are on the frontline responding to calls and situations of those who are both infected with the virus and those who are not.  Thank you for all you have done, doing now, and will do in the future.  This is going to be a marathon and not a sprint.  You and your families, as always, continue to make huge sacrifices for the citizens of New Jersey.

At this time, I am directing you to stop all Public Local FOP Lodge Meetings and Public Local Executive Board Meetings for the month of April. This is necessary so that we are in step with the National and State Of Emergencies that have been declared. I feel that by the end of April, we will have a better handle on the virus and will act accordingly from then on.

We will wait to make decisions on events that are schedule beyond that until after we get through the month of April. We will make it through this difficult time and be stronger. I want to stress that if you do have to venture out, continue to use social distancing to keep yourself and your families safe.

SPECIAL NOTICE from AG on use of COVID-19 info

SPECIAL NOTICE from AG on use of COVID-19 info

Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal sent out the following law enforcement directive yesterday instructing all law enforcement agencies and officers on the appropriate use of COVID-19 information from public health officers.

Following is language lifted from the actual directive. To read the full directive, please click the link below and feel free to print this directive for members of your Lodge.

“Law enforcement officers across New Jersey have requested additional information to protect themselves when responding to calls for service at addresses where individuals with COVID-19 reside. To address these concerns, the Office of the Attorney General immediately engaged with the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH). In response, on March 18, 2020, NJDOH issued a memorandum to all New Jersey Local Public Health Officers instructing them to share with law enforcement limited information regarding those addresses where an individual has tested positive for COVID-19, but at the same time placing careful limits on both the use and dissemination of that information. The sharing of this limited information is authorized by the Emergency Health Powers Act, specifically N.J. Stat. Ann. 26:13-13-1, et seq. That decision will aid us in keeping our law enforcement officers healthy and safe, while at the same time protecting the privacy of all New Jersey residents.

Click here to read the full letter.

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